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The mission of SolarRecycle.org is to promote sustainable disposal of end-of-life solar equipment by facilitating engagement with recycling vendors.  To do this, we aggregate and centralize information to educate stakeholders about their options.  We also recognize that transportation costs play a major part in choosing which vendors to utilize, so we have included an interactive map for the user to quickly see what companies may be a good fit based on geography.  Our long-term intent is to eventually tackle some of the other waste management challenges of the industry, as well as track current state and federal policy related to solar equipment recycling and waste classification.


This website is maintained by a small group of volunteers, and we are very grateful to these collaborators that have supported us in collecting, organizing, and publishing the information you see here.  

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Kate Collardson has served in many roles during her career in the solar industry.  After entering the industry as an installer in 2006, she moved on to positions including designer, permit technician, trainer, program manager, technical support, and product manager. After years of lamenting the lack of recycling options for solar equipment, she became an advocate for PV recycling, leading to the formation of solarrecycle.org. She holds a NABCEP PV Installation Professional credential and currently serves as chair of the Sustainability Advisory Board for the City of Longmont, Colorado where she lives with her wife and their two children.  Inspired to leave a habitable planet for her kids (all of them, really), she is known as a passionate advocate for sustainability.  Kate has a B.A. in German from Colorado College and an MBA, with a Certificate in Sustainable Technology and management, from Arizona State University.


Ms. Bybee has worked in the solar industry since 2003. Over the course of her career, she has helped launch several cooperatives: employee-owned cooperative Namasté Solar, purchasing cooperative Amicus Solar, financial cooperative Clean Energy Credit Union, and shared-services cooperative Amicus O&M Cooperative. In recent years, she has contributed time and energy to several passion projects, including a Women’s Speakers Bureau with WRISE, an informational website on how to recycle solar equipment at www.SolarRecycle.org, and an industry coalition on diversity, equity, and inclusion called Renewables Forward. She obtained a BA in English and French from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Stacey got her start in the renewable energy industry in 2003 via an internship at Solar Energy International.  That internship paved the way to become an installation technician with Sunlight Solar, where she became one of only two women in the State of Oregon to earn a Limited Renewable Energy Technician (LRT) license, as well as becoming NABCEP Certified. In 2009, Stacey joined the team at Namaste Solar as a Residential Project Manager + Designer, and then moved her way into a Commercial Design role.  After a move back to Oregon in 2014, she joined the Swinerton Renewable Energy/SOLV technology group managing various business applications and platforms.  Stacey is thrilled to currently drive Sustainability efforts as the Sustainability Manager for SOLV Energy.


Stephen is a tenured veteran of the solar PV industry. Starting his career living off-grid in 2002 on a large natural building school and homestead in Oregon provided a foundation to be an off-grid PV system designer with Real Goods Catalog with his practical lived experience in 2004. Fortunate enough to join Namaste Solar as one of the first six Co-Owners in 2006, Stephen’s career has grown right along with the PV industry playing many roles such as a Salesperson, Permitting Coordinator, Designer, Service Department Director, monitoring/DAS/SCAD Technician, O&M Engineer and now works daily with the Commercial Design Team on multi-megawatt projects across the US as Director of Consulting Design. One of his best talents is bridging the gap between technical and non-technical people to come to common understanding. Stephen has a passion for sustainability and ‘walking the talk’ of our industry’s promise. Solar PV module recycling processes and end of life channels for our equipment is something he believes we must develop in order to accomplish our full potential.

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Angela Burke received a B.S. of Architecture from the University of Michigan in 2012 and began her renewables career in 2014.  Her first role in solar was as a residential designer at Dow Powerhouse, then moved to Colorado in 2015 to continue to hone her design skills at Namaste Solar.  Ms. Burke played many key roles in her six-plus year tenure at Namaste Solar.  In her job roles Angela excelled in design, process refinement, and supporting her team members.  Beyond her job roles Angela was an active co-owner in the cooperative, served on the Namaste Solar Foundation Board, and also served on the Namaste Solar Board for three years, with one year as Chair.  In 2019 Angela was named in the Top Women in Energy by Denver Business Journal.  She is now at Pivot Energy learning more long-term solar asset ownership, and believes that PV recycling is a key component of the full life cycle of the systems we design & build.  She is thrilled to be a part of this group and a part of making recycling vendor information more accessible.